Athlete Spotlight - Amanda

“My CrossFit inspiration is my mom. Growing up, and even now, my mom never stops. No matter the challenges put in front of her, she is always meeting them head on. And she has taught me to do the same.

So, no matter the workout, weight or skill. I go.

Snatch. Go.

Overhead squat. Go.

Handstand walk, clean and jerk. I just go.

Toes to bar, pull-ups. It’s go time.

Heavy weights. I go.

Dead lift. Go.

Burpees, air squats, pistols. Go

Whether it’s row, run or bike. No matter the movement. It’s just go.

And when I feel like stopping, doubting myself. Feeling like I can’t do anymore. It’s her voice that tells me.”

“Go. GO!”

“My name is Amanda. I’m in the Police Academy, and I am a Titan.”

“I know she’s strong. I know she’s very strong. So I have confidence in her, but there’s always that mother instinct that, you know, always makes me nervous. I know she’s good and I give her a lot of credit for all the stuff she does, all the weight she lifts – oh my goodness.”


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