Mike Viruet - In here, makes me better there!

“3R, 3R”

“Two shots,blue! Two shots blue!”

“Four, Four!”

“What I do in here, makes me better out there.

In my line of work, I never know what challenge I will come across.

So I need to be ready for anything. So I train everything.

My body. And my mind.

There is no slowing down. There is no reset of the clock. There is no take two. There is no giving up.

Whether it’s training at the gym or training with my unit, I give it my all – because lives depend on it.

I am constantly learning, growing and pushing myself – to keep everyone safe. Because when it counts, I want to – I need to – be at my very best.

My name is Mike Viruet. I am a member of the Emergency Service Unit and I am a Titan. Titan Up!”


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