Titan 112 CrossFit exists to build usable, lifelong, functional fitness for all abilities through superb, innovative coaching and a tight-knit community.

Core Values

Values that guide our actions, shape our programs and services, and result in measurable outcomes, including:


Building positive relationships with athletes and coaches of Titan 112


Achieving excellence in the provision of instruction, programs, service and facility management.


Creating opportunities for personal and physical development, enrichment, health and wellness that benefit our athletes.

Mission Statement

Titan 112 CrossFit strives to push our members, athletes and community to set goals and achieve results they never thought they could. These goals could be anything from losing weight, being the star player on a sports team, recovering from an injury, becoming a better weightlifter or changing your lifestyle.

It is our promise to offer individualized training in a small group environment, giving our members the attention they deserve and treating everyone who steps foot into Titan 112 CrossFit with respect, regardless of what their fitness background is. We are in the business of saving and changing lives.

Our approach to health and wellness is a broad one. We believe in teaching constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. Our focus is not only on physical fitness training, but learning how to strengthen the mind and body!

We are excited to partner together on this adventure. We were brought together by a shared passion for CrossFit and Fitness and are looking forward to sharing that passion with each of you!