Coach Robyn


CrossFit Certifications: CF L2, CF Gymnastics, CF Jump Rope, CF Spot the Flaw, CF Judges Course, CF Scaling

Year Started Crossfit: 2014

Athletic History: Number One Singles on Middle Country’s Womens Varsity Tennis Team 2003-2009, Suffolk County Womens Tennis Champion 2009, All State 2009, East Coast Conference Rookie of the year 2010. Dowling College Womens first singles and first doubles 2010-2014. All American Tennis Player.

What made me start CrossFit: “It’s Just That Feeling”

It’s the comprehension of struggle, with it’s bodily aches.

It’s the will power to suffer, pushing to see if you have what it takes.

It’s the continuation of repetition, gasping for breath as you go.

It’s the way your mind screams, but you just won’t listen to no.

It’s the blissful high you receive, after the blood draws away from your head.

It’s how peaceful you feel, especially right before bed. 

It’s the way you start to change, physically and emotionally.

It’s the person you learn to become, your ideal self becomes reality.

Fun Fact: I sleep more than a cat.

Favorite Movement: The Clean