Everyone wants to succeed-especially those of us bitten by the CrossFit bug. But how? There are so many movements and different WODs it can get overwhelming just thinking about them. Don’t stress. Don’t over think it. Just read through these 6 simple secrets to CrossFit success and put them into action.

1. Love What You Are Doing

It’s easy to succeed when you dream big. Those big dreams are easy to achieve if you are doing something you love. When you love what you are doing, the minutes easily blend into hours and, before you know it, your workout is over and you are enjoying that post workout success. Since you already love what you are doing, you’ll find that extra store of energy and motivation, (especially when you need to wake up for that 6:00 am class).

2. Have SMART Goals

SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. Often, we set goals like ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’, but they get frustrating and disheartening very quickly because there is no way to prove or see results in a measurable form. By creating a SMART goal, we are setting a goal that can easily be tracked and progress shown. Something like “get more fit by being able to dead lift 200 lbs in the next month.” As long as you keep your goals ‘SMART’ you will be able to see results, continue to stay motivated and keep moving towards a better you.

3. Commit to Excellence

After setting your SMART goals, take the next step to commit. No goal is met without hard work and dedication. By committing to excellence, you are making a promise to do what is needed to reach new heights. When you don’t have a lot of time during the day, do your best to squeeze in a shorter workout. During those times, focus on the movements and your breathing. You won’t lose that forward momentum as long as you can use those bite-sized tasks to continue moving forward towards your major goal.

4. Surround Yourself with the Right People

Most people are affected by those around them. When you are around positive people, you won’t hear complaints or excuses-you will hear support and encouragement.

For example, with all the movements and parts to a WOD, it’s near impossible to love every movement, but, love the ones you love and lean on your classmates to soak up the their love of the ones you don’t!

5. Develop Resilience & Bounce Back

Not every day is going to be your best, but, it’s how you get through the bad days that help define your character. It’s perfectly alright not to be perfect at everything and, in fact, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t fail at some things or be weak in certain areas. It’s those discouraging moments that can be helpful in developing your resilience and mental fortitude.

Find your mantra and repeat it back to yourself. Remember that nothing is permanent. Keep in mind that while you may be terrible at pull-ups, you are killer with those clean and jerks. Take that positive thought-process and turn it into something good. Bounce back from that mental low and push harder during the next workout.

6. Focus on Self-Discipline

We live in a busy world, it’s easy to get distracted or push workouts to the back burner. Trust me, it happens to everyone-but that doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable. Remember secret number three? Commit to excellence and force your self-discipline to become one of your mainstays. So remember, when time is running tight during the day, or your boss pushes a last minute deadline on you, your workouts are what keep you centered, both mentally and physically, so don’t give them up!

The key to self discipline is to show up on day 1, then show up on day 2, then day 3, and so on. Make those CrossFit goals a priority and don’t sacrifice your workout time for extra work. Work won’t be there with you when you are 75 years old but your body will.

Succeed at CrossFit

These secrets to success can apply in your every day lives, but since we <3 CrossFit, lets apply them to our CrossFit lives and be our better selves this year. Titan Up 2020!


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